Al Meena International Schools

International schools in Riyadh, American curriculum, invest in the future of your children, register now and get mega discount on school fees, Al Meena International School … Make the future to our children.

Register now and get an English course at the Saudi British Center for your child to develop his English and to ensure the quality of education. (Limited seats)

Al Meena International Schools

An alliance and cooperation with the Saudi British Center

Al Meena International Schools

For better opportunities for our students, a strategic alliance with the Saudi British Center for Education and Development has been made to raise the efficiency of learning and achievement and to improve the level of our students. Developing the capabilities of our teachers through native qualified teachers who will certainly give better opportunities to our students.

Reasonable Fees

International schools, with interactive study, at very reasonable fees, less than expectations.

Accumulated experience

A prestigious school, we are developing our curriculum to keep up with experts' latest educational approaches around the world.

American Curriculum

A global vision in forming outstanding minds that are capable of learning and developing… Invest in the future of your children.

Al Meena International Schools

We extend our experiences and resources to provide the best facilities and options as well as providing the best solutions to facilitate the learning process for our students, we make the best use of time to save our students' effort and time. It is a difficult task requiring sustained effort and commitment.

Al Meena International Schools

The modern era has spoiled a lot of things, but in return we have been granted other potentials . Now we are no longer worried about our children's ability to deal with today's world's changes and challenges and to face the prospects of the future. You can rely on us.

Al Meena International Schools

Competitive Features

We are distinguished by keeping abreast of the latest science techniques to maintain the quality of the educational process ..

Air-conditioned courts.

Modern classroom furniture.

Well-equipped Computer and Sciences labs and library.

Useful Acquisition

The quality of the curriculum has become the most important criterion for the quality of the scientific outcome and the real value that enables the student to face today's world , all of this requires highly qualified trained minds to adapt, develop and acquire knowledge independently.

Our curriculum ensures forming critical and creative personalities and minds that can adapt to the requirements of modern science to make their own way after studying at a confident pace.

Al Meena International Schools

Al Meena International Schools

Invest in the future of your children, parents are doing their best to educate their children. Don't give your children the fish but teach them how to fish.

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Riyadh - Al Solymaniaa, Al Wady AlAkder st, 30 Olya

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Our administration believes in direct contact with parents to discuss and monitor the development of students and to observer their educational and social behavior. You can depend on us to build strong and social personality of your children.
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